Dream winter travel destination is in Yanbian ⨠⨠

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Original title: Fantasy Winter Travel Destination is ⨠⨠全球资讯in Yanbian ⨠⨠

I am used to the office in the office

Do you want to find a vast white snow

Lie down

This dream winter travel destination

Just chooseYanbianBar

This is not just an Internet celebrity city

It is even more fascinating snow viewing

Entering the Yanbian in winter

Go to see the snow -capped fairy tale world


Yanbian's beautiful snow scene

All are hidden in the Changbai Mountains

Conjusive mountains

And the dense and tall forest sea

It is the mysterious and dreamy scenery in winter

1 hour and 40 minutes from Yanji self -driving

You can comeXueling Scenic Area

Here 1460 meters above sea level

There are thousands of climate change, clouds turn fog

Entering this unique fog 雪 Xueyun

It's like walking into the ice and snow fairy tale world of Bingqing Yujie

Standing on the viewing platform on the 2nd floor of the Scenic Area Service Area

With good visibility

The main peak of Changbai Mountain in the distance is clearly visible

This is still

National first -class protection of animal sable habitats

Attract countless photography enthusiasts to shoot


No matter how many words are described, the description is not finished

Forest fog, natural snow carving, forest Haixueyuan, Takayama Pinghu

This is the destination for outdoor adventure in winter

It is the most beautiful snow scene at the foot of Changbai Mountain

Long winter

Rui Xue like pear blossoms keeps flying

Xuexu falls in the lush branches

Form different shapes

Natural snow carving and magnificent fog landscape

As if in a white fairyland

When Bai Xue covered the earth

Old BaishanSeems to enter the ice and snow fairy tale world

The blue sky is like a blue water, the mountains are like lotus leaves, and the snow is like white lotus

Snow, fog 云, cloud sea

You can feel the magnificent here across the screen

Come and lie on this snow

The endless white snow mountain forest

Traditional wooden houses that are staggered

Smoking smoke rising in the air

You and Xue's story

Just start here

The vast forest and sea snowfall

Take out your courage

Join the adventure of this Lin Haixueyuan

Every winter

Magic Scenic Area Fog Steamed

Misty is full of branches

Therefore, here is called the "magic world"

▲ Picture/Xiaohongshu Z.Teletubbies

Winter Demon Drifting

It is a poetic romantic adventure

Listen to spring water

See the rivers and fog steaming

Fresh air with absolute breathing

Everything looks peaceful and peaceful

▲ Picture/Xiaohongshu Z.Teletubbies

The residual branches on the water surface

The white snow on the shore

With the thin red sun and the fog of steaming

Blend together

A shot is a peerless picture

I have experienced the degree of degrees Celsius at minus 2030

Do you go on the stream?

arriveCanyon Forest Forest

Hiking through the bottom of the forest

Do not freeze the river

Walking the narrow forest Snow Valley

Holding stretching, free and comfortable

Put on the cotton waterproof boots specially provided by the scenic area

Open the mysterious adventure of Bingquan Snow Valley

Two hours of snow valleys cross the arduous stimulus

The deep snow on the foot

The beautiful cedar above the head

Be in

Nothing is amazing for Changbai Mountain's unique ice and snow scenes

The end of the itinerary

It is the unique ice water spring of Changbai Mountain

Add a pot of water from Bingshuiquan

In ice and snow

Boil tea

Meet a different kind of winter wild luxury journey

Lin Haixueyuan's adventure

How can I have a less roar of the locomotive

Want to have no red and green light stimulus experience

ComeGrandma Mountain Village

Walk along the valley

The cold wind whistled

Experience a crazy driving

The body and mind are released in flying

Watching the snowflakes flying from the wheel

Slowly fix it in the air

Just understand

Winter is no longer silent and desolate

It's warm and happy

Winter is happy

It was a handful of white snow when I was young

It is the joy of looking up at the sky during the snow

In Yanbian

The happiness of snow is everywhere

White snow covered

Chinese Korean Folk Park

Winter travel shooting is also hot

Folklore garden is wrapped in silver, beautiful, quiet

Building under white snow

With the unique charm of winter

After experiencing the winter travel shooting

Go to welcome the first ray of the sun in winter, right?

Go to the junction of the Three Kingdoms to prevent Chuan

Take a look at other border scenery there

▲ Photo/Quan Zhiyong

Ascend to the Dragon Tiger Pavilion of Fangchuan Scenic Area

Overlooking the red day on the coastline

Looking at the beautiful snow view of Sanjiang

I can't help but have a lot of emotions

▲ Photo/Quan Zhiyong

It's going to be a new year soon

New Year's Eve this year

May wish to come to Fangchuan Scenic Area

A strong festive atmosphere under the fireworks

Together with the nation who can sing and dance

Welcome to the arrival of the New Year together

The winter in Yanbian is warm

This warmth

It is a gift from volcanic hot spring

Leap into Yichi Hot Spring

In the fog

Relax your body and mind, feel natural wild fun ~

Yanbian relies on Changbai Mountain Hot Spring

Handling for a long time

Unique hot spring culture

Now it has become

The fashionable way of playing with young people

Yanbian Hot Spring Products Rich Products

Longjing Biyan Mountain Highfluoro Hot Spring

Yanji Dream is beautiful and low -end hot springs

Liuding Mountain Hot Spring

Antu Gem Town Hot Spring Hotel, etc.

And the upcoming opening

Yanji View Tang, He Longtianmu Hot Spring Hotel, etc.

Warm Yanbian

It's comfortable to bubble a bubble

Isolation of the cold wind

Together with Yanbian Featured Hot Spring

Relax your body and mind in water vapor

Make the fatigue of daily accumulation dissipated

Warm up

Of course, be responsible for warming your stomach

Winter comes to Yanbian

You must have some hot and steaming food

Sauce soup, beef soup, warm noodles ...

The soup base is rich and the aroma overflows

Spicy cabbage, spicy chicken feet, spicy rice cake ...

Refreshing appetite

A great appetite

Fresh products such as Emperor Crab, Mingtai Fish and other fresh products

Make lip and teeth fragrance

I can't stop ...


Winter is still indispensable

Charcoal barbecue skewers, firewood iron pot stew

Full and drink

Go to climb the snow mountain and fight snow battles

I won't feel cold

Favorites this Yanbian food map

Warm Winter Yanbian Journey


Yanbian ice and snow are so beautiful

Yanbian's winter is exciting

Here is your favorite punch place

The warm Yanbian sends out winter invitations

Abstract friends and relatives

Go to Yanbian

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