Original Yushan Sports Center held the first Chinese billiard World Championships to carry memory accumulation culture

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Original title: Yushan Sports Center held the first Chinese billiard World Championship to carry memory accumulation culture

China · Jiangxi · Shangrao · Yushan's 6th CBSA Chinese Billiards World Championship is 热门话题fierce. 160 players at home and abroad gathered the Yushan Sports Center to compete for the title of the world champion.

This is the first time that the Chinese Billiards Championships came to Yushan Sports Center for the first time.With the large billiard events came to Yushan, in order to better organize the competition, further promote billiards and promote the development of the billiard industry. In 2019, Yushan Sports Center was officially completed.

The geographical location of Yushan Sports Center is ideal. It is only less than 10 minutes' drive from Yushan South Station. There are many hotels and catering to meet the needs of the majority of players.

Yushan Sports Center is the first modern comprehensive stadium and national fitness facilities in the world.In response to the characteristics of billiards, Yushan Sports Center has worked hard on many details: keel encryption and Canadian high -quality maple special flooring can keep the table ball table absolutely stable, avoid even small shaking; considering that the billiard game needs a quiet environment of the environmentAccording to the theory of Jianyan's design theory, special sound absorption treatment is performed. The entire internal field uses the most advanced sound absorption materials. In order to achieve a better sound absorption effect, the internal field of the sports center does not make any decoration on the wall and roof; the museum is fixed in the museum;The level width of the seat is adjusted, so that the audience can see the game situation more clearly at anywhere of the stands, and the visual perspective is more reasonable.

Since its completion, Yushan Sports Center has held the 2019 Snooker World Open, the four -station Chinese Billiards International Professional League branch, and many Jiangxi local billiard events.The world champion Bai Ge believes that Yushan Sports Center is "the best field in China", and the Chinese and nine -ball dual world champion Fu Xiaofang said that Yushan Sports Center is "the most professional and most beautiful tablet strict venue in his career."Many players said that playing at the Yushan Sports Center can find the atmosphere of a regular competition.

As more and more large -scale events come to Yushan Sports Center, especially the pinnacle of Chinese billiards, the Chinese Billiards World Championships, the meaning of Yushan Sports Center is getting thicker and thicker.

Yushan Sports Center is an important part of the Yashan International Billiards Cultural Industry Project that has been comprehensively participated in the development of Star Brands. It complement the World Billiards Museum, the World Billiard Hall of Fame and the International Billiards Academy, forming a strong cultural field.It will attract people from all over the world to Yushan in the name of billiards.

Now, the Chinese Billiards World Championships returns, the Snock World Open is as soon as possible, and the Chinese Billiards International Professional League is successfully held. Yushan Sports Center is carrying more and more billiard memories.My wonderful story.

Starting from the high building, we will continue to be down -to -earth, looking forward to the future of the Yushan Sports Center to become a sports sacred place such as Crusburg and Bernabeu, the longing for world billiard players, and the spiritual home of all billiarders.