The "Meng Pet Games" at the door of the house is interesting!

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  Recently,热门事件 a cute pet game with the theme of "love to have a home" was held in the Xiyang residential area of Jiangsu Road Street.

  On the day of the event, the competition items were divided into pet obstacles and pet jumping races. Dogs were transformed into "little athletes". Under the traction of the residents, the race, column, and column ... showed the tacit understanding between the owner and the pet.The stubborn little guys were "full of tricks" on the field, and the state of the rope also made the participating people feel at ease.The onlookers cheered on the side, and the scene was lively.

  "Can a dog directly absorb the nutrients in fresh fruits and vegetables?" "Keeping pets cannot interfere with the normal life of others ..." In addition to the "cute pet game", the activities of the day also include pet Q & A games, pet photography, volunteers, volunteers, volunteersRecruitment, pet health consultation, and popular science popularization of pets, civilized pet volunteers and pet doctors promote professional pet knowledge on the spot for residents to help everyone raise pets better.

  At the scene, the pet owners exchanged their respective pets."Our dogs participated in the pet game for the first time. It was very excited today. This event made me and my pets' associative" new friends, and I even made me understand how to raise pets reasonably. "Said Ms. Jiang, a resident.

  In the signing of the Convention on Civilization and Pet, the pet owners solemnly signed a commitment on the Convention Board, saying that they followed the relevant regulations of civilization and pets during the pet.It is reported that in order to build a healthy civilization and people -oriented culture and environment, the Xiba residential area, in accordance with the relevant provisions of Shanghai's pet management and combined with the actual situation of the community, from "healthy pets", "safe pets", "sanitary nourishment", "legal pet maintenance""Caring Pets" formulated a convention of civilization and pets in five aspects to regulate the civilization and pets of residents in the community.

  The reporter learned that Xiji residents joined hands with the public welfare organization to set up a civilized pet volunteer team composed of residents 12 to 70 years old. The Civilization Convention Convention and the Volunteer Volunteer Service LOGO of the Civilization of Civilization were formed by the council.At the same time, the team also produced a pet -breeding series of cultural and creative surroundings, and drawn the theme wall of "Civilization Pets" in the Pocket Park of the Xiyu Residential District.EssenceIn addition, the team has carried out the TNR plan for stray cat treatment for community stray cats daily. It helps the healthy survival of stray animals through the methods of arrest, sterilization, deworming, health inspection, and adoption of stray cats.

  "This cute pet event is not only a party of pets, but also a good opportunity to advocate the masses to establish a civilized pet. It can guide residents to actively participate in community pet governance and create a beautiful home for civilization and harmony."Members of the "Civilized Pets" team said.As a "zero distance" autonomous venture capital project in Jiangsu Road Street, the "Zero distance" autonomous venture capital project, the "Pocket Park Favorite Home" project guide social organizations to participate, and continues to carry out civilizationPet petitioning work, advocate the new fashion of civilization and pets.

  Some pictures are from Jiangsu Road Street