R&D and innovation ability is the strongest in China, and the number of Beijing artificial intelligence big model innovation teams accounts for about half of the country.

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People's Daily Online,一刻资讯 Beijing, November 30 (Reporter Dong Zhaorui) On November 29, AICC 2023 Artificial Intelligence Computing Conference was held. The Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission and Zhongguancun Management Committee released the White Paper on Innovative Application of Large Models in Beijing Artificial Intelligence Industry (2023) (hereinafter referred to as the White Paper) at the conference.

It is understood that the release of the "White Paper" aims to further promote the application of large models, show the application results of large models in Beijing, and promote the value dissemination of large models and the docking of supply and demand. The "White Paper" systematically analyzes and expounds the global development trend of the big model, the overview of domestic and foreign industry applications, the application situation in Beijing and development suggestions.

The White Paper pointed out that Beijing is the region with the best innovation foundation, the most concentrated human resources, the strongest R&D innovation capability and the most active product iteration in the field of artificial intelligence in China. Now it has 122 large model innovation teams, ranking first in the country, accounting for about half of the country.

The White Paper combs in detail the typical characteristics of the application of the Beijing Big Model at this stage. From the perspective of model evolution, the general large model tends to converge, and vertical industry application has become the key track for the large model industry to land; At present, the development of large-scale model presents a development path from technology to product, and then to commercial application, and continues to penetrate into vertical industries.

From the application field, the application cases of the large-scale model have blossomed, and have been initially applied in various fields such as traditional industrial empowerment, finance, government affairs, cultural tourism, medical care, smart cities, etc. Among them, the traditional industrial empowerment and financial fields have developed rapidly, such as industrial knowledge question and answer, graphic generation, etc., and the financial field has intelligent investment research assistants and intelligent customer service.

From the perspective of application types, the big model mainly includes six aspects: content generation, intelligent question and answer, IT support, data analysis, intelligent identification and intelligent hardware, among which content generation and intelligent question and answer are the most mature.

From the perspective of business model, the current big model business model has taken shape, forming a basic layer based on general big model AI services, an industry layer based on vertical industry AI services and an application layer based on big model application services. The three layers of services promote each other, coordinate and optimize, and jointly support industrial transformation and development.

In addition, the White Paper sorts out the application cases of Beijing Big Model, starting from six industry fields, such as government affairs, finance, medical care, traditional industry empowerment, cultural tourism and smart city, and selects 18 typical cases around four dimensions, such as innovation, demonstration, economic and social benefits and popularization, and analyzes in detail the user needs, solutions and project achievements in various fields.