The world's largest spherical immersive experience center: the concert was super shocking, but it lost 700 million yuan after opening.

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If there is Current Affairsany place in this world that can be called the real science fiction world, then the mystery was unveiled in September this year.MSG SphereMust be among them.
Source: Sphere Entertainment
Msgsphere, a giant ball building completed in Las Vegas, USA, is the most expensive landmark building in Las Vegas history and the largest spherical immersive experience center in the world at present."Redefine Live Entertainment"Is the slogan of MSG Sphere.
Source: Sphere Entertainment
The spherical building is 157 meters in diameter and 111 meters in height. There is a 15,000-square-meter annular LED screen inside the ball, which can enjoy the shocking immersive VR experience with the naked eye. There are more than 17,000 seats inside the building, which can hold various forms of immersive entertainment performances and concerts. This huge sphere has a huge "escape layer", which is covered by an LED screen of 54,000 square meters. It is the largest LED screen in the world and the highest resolution screen in the world. Its external screen can play any programmed 3D image, so it has become the most eye-catching new city landmark in Las Vegas.
At present, MSG Sphere has hosted the concert of rock band U2 and the real-time screen of F1 events. The audience was shocked by the immersion and the beautiful effect. After the related pictures and videos were spread through social media, it became a punching place in Europe, America and online celebrity.
Although both the Las Vegas municipal government and developers believe that this project will bring huge economic benefits to Las Vegas: it is estimated that more than 100 million tourists will come to visit and shop every year, which will create a lot of employment opportunities and economic benefits for Las Vegas. However, the operation of this world-shaking building itself is not smooth.
According to media reports, in 2019, when MSG Sphere started construction, the budget was 1.2 billion US dollars, while the final total investment was as high as 2.3 billion US dollars, about 16.5 billion RMB. According to Lucas Watson, president of MSG, Sphere only plans to invite 4-6 stars or artists to perform in concert a year, and each will get 10-12 performances, which is equivalent to only 50-60 performances a year. The high maintenance cost and the preparation for long-term testing make it difficult for Sphere to undertake entertainment activities intensively. According to the latest news, according to internal reports, in the fiscal quarter ending on September 30, itThere has been a loss of about 700 million yuan (98.4 million US dollars), so it is difficult to make a profit in a short time, and the chief financial officer resigned because of internal discord.
It remains to be seen whether this landmark building can help Las Vegas transform as expected.
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