On December 21st Golden City Review: The Fed will still keep maintaining interest rates, gold, keep a low and high -looking acceleration

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  Abstract Beijing time on Thursday (December 21) in Asia and Europe,时事热点 the US dollar index is basically stable. It is now reported at 102.370./ounce.

  During the Asian -Europe period on Thursday (December 21), the US dollar index was basically stable, and now reported at 102.370. It maintained a shock within the day.ounce.

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  【Based on Fundamental Analysis】

  Last week, the content of the Fed's interest rate resolution and the subsequent statement of President Powell all hinted that its tightening stage had ended, and stated that the interest rate reduction may be reduced in 2024, and the interest rate reduction has begun to discuss.

  The meeting prompted the market to make three interest rate cuts in 2024, causing the financial market to rebound.

  But in the following few days, the recent remarks of Federal Reserve officials hinted that some officials were uneasy about the market's possibility of raising interest rates in March, and these officials tried to maintain the possibility of various options.

  Last Friday, the Federal Reserve's "three leaders" and the New York Fed Chairman Williams said that interest rate cuts are not currently not discussing the Fed and did not really discuss interest rate cuts.

  On Monday, Cleveland Federal Reserve Chairman Mest said that she is expected to cut interest rates three times next year and believes that the market's expectations for early early rate cuts for next year have been ahead of the Fed.

  On Tuesday, Atlanta Federal Reserve Chairman Bolstick said on Tuesday that, due to the strong economy, the Fed has no "urgency" at present.

  Chicago Fed Chairman Gusby said that the further progress of inflation will be the decisive factor for the Federal Reserve ’s interest rate cut next year.

  Yesterday, Wednesday, Wall Street Journal reporter Nick Timiraos, known as the "New Federal Reserve News Agency", wrote that due to the continued lower inflation, the Federal Reserve was softened at the last policy meeting during the year.

  But Nick Timiraos also said that although Powell tends to pigeons at a press conference of policy conferences.

  However, a number of local Fed Chairman was trying to convey the eagle tone to the market in the following days, that is, inflation has not yet fallen to 2%target, the Fed will still retain the "higher and longer" option to maintain interest rates.

  The true attitude of the Federal Reserve is ambiguous, and the interest rate cut node and amplitude are difficult to predict, making the market feel confused.

  This Thursday, investors are waiting for the November Core Personal Consumption Expenditure Index (PCE) report, which is the index of the Fed's favor to measure potential inflation and will be announced on Friday.

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