During the original US and Soviet hegemony, there were ten aircraft carriers in the Soviet Union, and now there are only one in Russia.

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Original title: During the US Soviet Union, there were ten aircraft carriers in the Soviet Union, and now there are only one in Russia.

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Throughout the countries around the world today, the United States and Russia can be regarded as military overlords.Although Russia is a hegemon, it has performed mediocre in the navy. There is only one aircraft carrier. Now, there is still an accident to send it to the dock to repair it, which is also worried that Russia's navy strength is worried.When the former Soviet Union was the former hegemony of the United States and the Soviet Union, there were ten aircraft carriers in the Soviet Union. So where did they all go?

To say that the aircraft carrier everyone, the world's first strength in the United States.Then the former Soviet Union created two aircraft carriers -Moscow -class aircraft carriers, but the aircraft carrier was only a light aircraft carrier, and the displacement was only about 20,000 tons.It breaks down.After that, the former Soviet Union continued to improve the previous Moscow -class aircraft carriers and newly created four medium -sized ki -grade aircraft carriers. The displacement reached more than 40,000 tons, which was different from the previous clouds.In the 1980s, the Soviet Union created two aircraft carriers, namely the Kinezov and the Warleyg.Kuznetsov is also the only aircraft carrier in Russia today.At the same time, the Soviet Union had studied nuclear -powered aircraft carriers, but unfortunately, it was disintegrated before the previous Soviet Union was completed before the construction was completed.

Many of these aircraft carriers have "flowed" to other countries.During the development of aircraft carriers, they bought two Kiev AFLE as a research, and then the Liaoning ships, which are well known, were also modified on the basis of the Warkeg.One of the remaining two Kiev AFLAs was bought by India, one was bought by South Korea, and was finally broken down.

Look at the former Soviet Union so many aircraft carriers, but compared with the US nuclear -powered submarine, there is still a big gap. If the Soviet Union is still alive, the navy's strength will not be so miserable.So that there is only one Kuznettov left in Russia, and now the Kuznetsov has been greatly damaged. The strength of the Russian Navy is really worrying.